2021 Fund for Covid Solidarity – Open call for proposals

Posted by Nicole Moran on September 9, 2021 at 11:13 am

The Alliance for Gender Equality in Europe have opened a call for proposals !
Proposals should fall within the broadly-defined objectives of the Fund, contributing to gender equality and women’s rights. This is a Covid Solidarity Fund and resources for 2021 are earmarked for the most vulnerable women and girls who have been the most negatively impacted by Covid.

The objective is to provide support to organisations in the closest contact possible with people on the ground. While they anticipate primarily funding small, frontline organisations, the Fund will also consider specific project proposals from larger organisations innovating or experimenting in an area where there is demonstrable need.

This fund aims to distribute resources equitably across the European Union. Therefore, we aspire to create a geographic balance of grantees. In this first year of funding, the call for proposals intentionally encompasses a broad range of thematic areas in order to find the most creative, effective and impactful initiatives. To that end, they invite applications for either general operating support or for specific projects. They aim to support a thematically diverse slate of proposals.

Priority thematic areas are:

* Access to economic resources, entrepreneurship, digital divide.
* Access to education and training: promoting opportunities for education and vocational training, including communications and information technologies.
* Violence Against Women/health and social protection: combatting gender-based violence, securing access to healthcare and social protection.
* Climate change and gender.
* Technology development and innovation.
Proposals in other areas will be considered.
Deadline to apply: 06 October 2021
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