8 reasons why you do not want to miss our 9th Annual Meeting on Linking research, policy and practice

Posted by Hannah Kabelka on October 15, 2020 at 11:42 am

8 reasons why

you do not want to miss Share-Net Netherlands’  9th Annual Meeting on Linking research, policy and practice

For the 9th time in a row, Share-Net Netherlands is going to host its annual meeting called “Linking research, policy and practice” where young researchers showcase their research experiences and findings related to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and get to meet and exchange with Share-Net members. This year’s event will take place on Thursday, November 12th and as many things in 2020, everything will be different.

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Everything moves online

At Share-Net we truly miss seeing our members face to face and hope to soon be reunited over a real cup of coffee. Yet, here are 8 promising reasons why you do not want to miss this virtual meeting:


  1. More participants (read: more knowledge) from all over the country, actually all over the world

Whereas before travelling to Amsterdam or The Hague was not feasible for all potentially interested presenters, members or external participants, this year we can host a meeting with (almost) unlimited capacity. No matter where you’re based, as long as you have an interest in what young researchers have to share about their recent research experience and findings on SRHR, Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (GEWE) and international development you can join the meeting for free. If you haven’t already, you can register via this link!


  1. A promising knowledge line-up on parallel stages

Moving between different conference rooms has never been easier: As a participant you can decide on the day of the meeting which of the two parallel sessions you prefer to attend. We recommend to already have a look at the programme beforehand and see whether you’re more inspired to attend Session 1: Menstrual, vulva and obstetric care or Session 2: Social, cultural and organisational norms change. Later on, you will have to make a decision between Session 3: SRHR services and reproductive care or Session 4: Sexuality, sexual pleasure and LGBTI health.

The word cloud above gives an indication about what to expect content-wise at the 9th Annual Meeting on Linking research, policy and practice (taking into considerations that not all young researchers were present during the workshop to contribute with their keywords).


  1. Interactive live-time feedback and discussion

Per session, four young researchers are introducing their research and providing recommendations for SRHR policy and practice. At the same time, the moderators will share a link to an online flipchart with participants. The young researchers prepare a guiding question each, asking for participants’ reflection and further input during and after their presentation. Every attendee can easily add their thoughts onto sticky-notes and thanks to a live voting mechanism, we will decide where to focus the discussion on. In short: You get to actively participate, react and share as much as you like!


  1. Networking via Borrel

It’s no secret that the Dutch love to Borrel! Especially after long and inspiring knowledge sessions everyone deserves to collectively wind down over a drink! This year we have no other choice than to also move the networking part of the event into the online world. Thanks to an innovative videochat app we will escape the rainy Dutch weather and travel to a virtual tropical island where participants can walk around in a 3D world with their webcam as their head. We look forward to this natural social experience, with plenty of room for real conversations and getting to know each other personally and professionally!

Young people are in a more active role than ever!

Nothing for young people without young people is the true motto in 2020! From the planning of the coaching session, over the organisation of the event, to the meeting participation and follow up – young people are meaningfully involved to make the most of this year’s annual meeting on Linking research, policy and practice!


  1. Selected young researchers decided on the workshop’s content and facilitated part of it themselves!

This year, Share-Net employed a little survey to gather more information on which topics would be most interesting to address during the workshop. Based on these results and with the help of our members we were able to hold an online learning session on the 13th of October 2020 in preparation to the meeting in November: To begin with, Inês Morais (Graphic Design Coordinator from RNW Media) introduced the young researchers to data visualisation! Afterwards, Sydney Howe, one of the selected young researchers drew from her past professional experience as a recruiter to share some valuable do’s and don’ts about writing CVs with the group. Lastly, long-standing members Billie de Haas (Assistant Professor at University of Groningen) and Rineke van Dam (Senior SRHR Policy Advisor at Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs) strengthened the young researchers in translating their findings into more focused and targeted recommendations for policy and practice.

The figures about show the improvement in confidence levels assessed by young researchers before and after the workshop on October 13th.


  1. A young spirit at the Share-Net Netherlands secretariat

While this annual meeting is organised by the community of practice called Linking research, policy and practice, the Share-Net Netherlands secretariat also supports the planning and carrying out of the event at all stages. Did you know that currently two thirds of the secretariat are young people? On the 2020 International Youth Day, we also shared their personal SRHR stories with members. Fun fact: Having presented her Master thesis during the 8th Annual Meeting in 2019, Hannah brings her own participatory experience into organising this year’s event!


  1. Students get inspired by graduates

The meeting has traditionally evoked interest in currently enrolled students who are looking for inspiration to conduct their thesis research in the near future. Thanks to the greater accessibility in 2020, we look forward to welcoming already registered participants from the course in ‘Reproduction, Health and Technologies’ from the University of Amsterdam and students in ‘Population and development’ from the University of Groningen. Feel free to also invite your students to sign up and simply make the 9th Annual Meeting part of your study course outline!


  1. Creative follow up knowledge products will be carried out by young students, artists and researchers

We are very curious to learn how the main takeaways from the four presentation sessions will resonate with the audience. Therefore, we are looking for four volunteers to carry out creative knowledge products that will be made available to all Share-Net members and the wider SRHR community afterwards. The successful applicants will attend a thematic session and create a product based on the outputs (this could be a blog, visualisation, video, etc.). There is a sum of 250EUR available per each knowledge product and interested young people are still encouraged to apply before the 26th of October!

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