A Matter of Fact, a Matter of Choice: The Case for Investing in Permanent Contraceptive Methods

Posted by Share-Net NL on October 6, 2014 at 8:58 am

Remarkable social, health, and economic gains have been made since the launch of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals in 2000. Desired family size is falling, and the small family norm is becoming universal. There is a longstanding international consensus on the importance of ensuring a broad choice of contraceptive methods to enable women and men to achieve their reproductive intentions. Among married women, demand to limit births exceeds demand to space births in every region of the world except West and Central Africa, where such demand is also rising. However, many individuals and couples in low-resource countries and regions cannot access permanent methods to the same extent as individuals and couples in more developed regions.

A Matter of Fact, a Matter of Choice: The Case for Investing in Permanent Contraceptive Methods, a White Paper published by The RESPOND Project, provides data on the use of permanent methods, analyzes the challenges to their wider availability, and describes different programming approaches that have resulted in their widespread, equitable provision at a national scale. If family planning programs are to fully meet the needs and preferences of the women and men they serve, across their entire reproductive life cycle, it is essential that permanent methods become meaningful contraceptive options in low-resource countries, through consistent and adequate financial and program investment.

We invite you to learn more about RESPOND and its contribution to global knowledge on family planning and reproductive health. Please visit www.respond-project.org.

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