Beyond Bananas: A Guide to Identify Good Pleasure Focused Imagery

Posted by Victory on October 27, 2022 at 8:59 am

The Share-Net Netherlands Community of Practise on Sexual Pleasure has released the guide Beyond Bananas: A Guide to Identify Good Pleasure Focused Imagery. The thoughtful and informative guide helps identify help sexual imagery to build inclusive and diverse views, and is designed to help anyone working in sexuality education who wishes to use imagery to support the content of your education and information.


Images are an important part of sexuality education and any form of educational materials about sex and sexuality. It allows learners to see and identify with realistic images of bodies and sexualities. Education and information about sex and sexuality, both offline and online, can provide a safe space for learning and are often one of the main place(s) that have the potential to expose young people to real and diverse images about sexuality, free from stigma and judgement.

Images are powerful in building inclusive and diverse views, but also….

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