Burundi Agenda Setting for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Knowledge Platform; Mission report submitted to Share-Net International

Posted by Share-Net NL on July 17, 2014 at 4:35 am

In this agenda setting mission for SRHR, majority of key players have been interviewed in order to gain better understanding of their main activities, their attitude vis-à-vis the envisioned participation to the Knowledge Platform and their proposals concerning the themes to be part of experience sharing within the KP.

The interview has equipped the consultant with a thorough understanding of the activities carried out by the different organizations. All of them are favourable to the KP and would like to participate. They see it as a key strategy in improving coordination in the sector of SRHR and PNSR is generally perceived as the natural local knowledge node.

Considering the activities of all partners and the themes proposed during the interviews, the consultant is suggesting that the KP focuses on one theme with 6 sub-themes. The main theme is on “Improved utilization by young people and adolescents of quality information and services in sexual and reproductive health and rights, including sexual and gender-based violence. Sub-themes include Comprehensive sexuality Education, Strategies to reach out to out-of-school youth, socio-cultural barriers, community involvement, Performance-Based Financing and M&E system. Reducing the knowledge gaps in those areas would result in improved capacity to design more evidence-based programmes and policies for young people.

Lastly, the report tries to carry out a stakeholder analysis, which proved to be a challenging task given the limit of information that could be collected on the various organizations and the impossibility to reach some of the partners carrying out SRHR activities in Burundi due to time constraints1. This stakeholder analysis therefore should be considered as a start and needs to be updated as the work goes along.

Author: Nzokirishaka, Athanase
Publication File: application-pdfagendasettingreport
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