Calls for group training with a maximum of 24 months (TMT Plus) – Orange Knowledge Programme

Posted by Hannah Kabelka on January 8, 2021 at 2:57 pm

Opportunities for funding group training between knowledge institutes of the Netherlands and organisations in OKP countries

Nuffic open calls

Please refer to the guidelines and formats below for all calls for proposals.

Is this your first group training?

Are you interested in funding for either organising or receiving a group training, but are you new to this instrument? Please take a look at Nuffic’s page on Group Training for more information on all the basics, as well as helpful tips.

Information meetings

Nuffic is organising the following information meeting:

They may announce more sessions in January. Please subscribe to their Programme Update to stay up to date.


Thematic call SRHR

Deadline 25 February 2021

Find more information here: Thematic call SRHR – OKP-SRHR-40015 (235.72 kB)


Other open calls


Deadline 26 January 2021

Sahel – Sécurité et Etat de Droit & Santé et Droits Sexuels et Reproductifs – OKP-SHL-20047 (210.78 kB) (in French)

Deadline 27 January 2021

Sahel – Santé et Droits Sexuels et Reproductifs – OKP-SHL-20048 (193.91 kB) (in French)

Deadline 28 January 2021

Sahel – Sécurité et Etat de Droit – OKP-SHL-20049 (209.17 kB) (in French)

Context document

Capacity strengthening for Resilience in the Sahel‌ (365.57 kB)

Renforcement des capacités pour un Sahel plus résilient (317.36 kB)(in French)



Deadline 26 January 2021

Tunesia – Sécurité, Stabilité et Migration – OKP-TUN-40014 (183.4 kB) (in French)

Context document

Tunisia – Country Plan of Implementation – Orange Knowledge (423.8 kB)



Deadline 4 February 2021

Nigeria – Food and Nutrition Security – OKP-NIG-20050 (211.74 kB)


Sub-Sahara Africa

Deadline 1 February 2021

Sub-Sahara Africa – Health – OKP-SSA-50002 (214.27 kB)

Afrique Sub Saharienne – Santé – OKP-SSA-50002 (241.58 kB)

Context document

Health Systems Strengthening through education and training – In Burkina Faso, Burundi, Ethiopia, Mali, Niger (301.71 kB)

Renforcement des systèmes de santé par l’éducation et la formation – Burkina Faso, Burundi, Ethiopie, Mali, Niger (298.21 kB)



Deadline 2 February 2021

Benin – Santé et Droits Sexuels et Reproductifs – OKP-BEN-20053 (189.51 kB) (in French)

Context document

Benin – Country Plan of Implementation – Orange Knowledge (in French)



Deadline 3 February 2021

Indonesia – Security and the Rule of Law – OKP-IDN-20055 (204.89 kB)

Deadline 9 February 2021

Indonesia – Food and Nutrition Security, Water – OKP-IDN-20056 (202.17 kB)

Context document

Indonesia – Country Plan of Implementation – Orange Knowledge (613.86 kB)


Horn of Africa – Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan

Deadline 4 February 2021

Horn of Africa – Food and Nutrition Security, Security and Rule of Law – OKP-EAR-20058 (236.34 kB)

Context document

Capacity strengthening for Resilience in the Horn of Africa (252.64 kB)


Guidelines and formats – English

Tailor-Made Training Plus – Joint proposal form – OKP‌ (112.29 kB)

Budget form group training – TMT plus – Orange Knowledge Programme‌ (41.15 kB)

Delta user manual – TMT – Orange Knowledge Programme‌ (384.94 kB)

Grant obligations and conditions group training Orange Knowledge Programme‌ (314.26 kB)

Grant application assessment explanation – TMT plus – OKP‌ (96.90 kB)

Checklist Organisational Capacity Assessment (COCA) group training Orange Knowledge‌ (91.44 kB)

Please note: Processing a COCA form takes some time. Make sure you submit the COCA form before applying for a proposal. You can submit a COCA form throughout the year, well before any application deadlines.

An approved COCA is valid for a maximum of 1 year and can be used for different applications. You don’t need to fill in a new COCA form for a new proposal if you still have a valid COCA form.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at or by telephone at +31 70 4260 260 (Nuffic Public Information Centre).

Guidelines and formats – French

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