Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Our focus

This Community of Practice on Comprehensive Sexuality Education is one of the thematic Communities of Practice of Share-Net Netherlands. Its aim is to improve programs and to develop a research and advocacy agenda on CSE.

What we do

Several activities have taken place of which the ‘Youth Week’ was the largest. This event was co-organised with the working group on Youth Friendly Health Services.

In June 2020, the CoP organised their first ever virtual expert meeting. The aim of this expert meeting was to provide a platform for exchange of information on, and experiences with, different modes of CSE delivery beyond conventional classroom or youth group settings. During this event we heard from Rashid Omoro (Programme manager at Savannah Signatures) about CSE through broadcasting and text messaging; Jennifer Mkandawire (Executive Director at Foundation for Children’s Rights) about CSE experiences from the radio listening clubs in Malawi; Abir Sarras (RNW Media Regional Manager for MENA region and co-founder of Love Matters Arabic)  presented on CSE in digital spaces and Corazon Ayoma (Program Coordinator at Family Health Options Kenya) talked about CSE using Whatsapp.

Stay tuned for a follow up event on this topic and we will share the main takeaways from out communities’ experiences with alternative modes of CSE delivery with you later this year!

Who we are

  • Marielle le Mat (KIT)
  • Esther Miedema(UvA)
  • Miriam Groenhof (Aidsfonds)
  • Maeva Bonjour (Rutgers)
  • Nienke Westerhof (Aidsfonds)
  • Herman Kruijer (Edukans)
  • Miet Chielens (the hunger project)
  • Nina Pavlovska (Dance4Life)
  • Charlotte Petty (RNW Media)

To contact us directly please write to Hannah Kabelka at

Resources on Comprehensive Sexuality Education

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