LGBTI Health

Our focus

The Community of Practise (CoP) on LGBTI Health is a continuation of the earlier Working Group Sexual Diversity, and builds on earlier Share-Net Netherlands’ work on sexual diversity and SRHR.

Sexual orientation, gender identity and expression are important social determinants of health. They can and do affect health needs and vulnerabilities, health (seeking) behaviours and access and quality of health services. Share-Net Netherlands recognise “LGBTI health” is an important component of SRHR and gender equality. Several SN-NL members work towards improving health of people and communities of diverse sexual orientation and gender identities.

The overall goal of the CoP is to improve LGBTI health and rights in the Netherlands and globally.

What we do

Specific objective is to improve knowledge, capacities and actions of SNNL members through

  • Building a community of practice to explore LGBTI Health, to encourage member participation and learning, and developing the wider knowledge network
  • Sharing information, knowledge and experience in LGBTI Health programming and policies
  • Developing knowledge products, informing research agendas and promoting translation of knowledge by policy makers and practitioners.


Activities to come in 2020

Based on our work plan for this year, we plan to engage in

  • “Deconstructing LGBTI Health”: getting to shared definitions and understanding, through an online discussion, information sharing and a literature review
  • Presentation of the Share-Net report “Addressing Sexual and Gender Diversity in Dutch development cooperation”, and taking the next steps
  • Expert meeting: “Best practices and lessons learnt on supporting LGBTI health and rights in challenging environments”, organized by RNW media
  • Engagement of MSc students to promote LGBTI Health as topic for MSc thesis/research
  • Thematic meeting: Mental Health and LGBTI Health

Above activities will be organized where possible with engagement of other CoPs.


Who we are

Members of the Community of Practice are:


New members are welcome to join the LGBTI Health CoP!

Share-Net is a membership network made up of a unique and powerful combination of NGOs and private sector parties, researchers and students, policy makers and practitioners, media outlets and advocates. Through the formation of this Community of Practice, we contribute to, discuss, share, use, and have access to evidence and knowledge-products that are most relevant to the work towards improved SRHR policies and practices of LGBTI population.

We actively want to expand our network and are inviting Share-Net Netherlands members to become part of the LGBTI Health CoP.  If you are interested to get in touch with the group, feel free to contact us directly anytime.

Resources on LGBTI Health

For more resources about LGBTI Health, please click here.

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