Operational Research

The Share-Net Netherlands working group ‘Operational Research’ was founded in 2013.  Although the concept of “operational research” was new to many Share-Net members at the time; at present, operational research has become a natural component of developing, improving and evaluating programmes.

The working group meets on a regular basis to share members’ experiences of conducting operational research. The working group consists mainly of researchers and practitioners working at NGOs, and a few universities and other knowledge institutes are involved as well.

On January 9th 2017, the working group organised an evaluation meeting with the aim to discuss and document the lessons learned in the past five years from the process of conducting operational research, and the implications for future activities aimed at enhancing operational research.

Members of the working group are: AFEW, Aidsfonds, Amref, Cordaid, Dance4Life, GNP+, Hivos, KIT, RNW, Rutgers, Simavi, UvA, VU