Concept Note: Youth friendly health services in multiple perspectives

Posted by Share-Net NL on March 6, 2015 at 4:59 am

This concept note examines existing standards, guidelines and tools for youth friendly health services (YFHS) with a view to assessing the degree of consensus with regard to the features deemed essential in order for a health service to qualify as youth friendly. In addition, the note reviews instruments used to guide the development of youth friendly health services, identifies apparent gaps in current tools and services. Following the analysis of instruments and standards, an intervention logic is provided for the design, delivery and assessment of YFH services.

This concept note was developed by KIT Health. The study was funded by DGIS, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Amsterdam. The authors alone are responsible for the views expressed in this paper, and nothing contained in it should be taken to reflect any policy or endorsement by the Ministry.

Wegelin-Schuringa, Madeleen Miedema, Esther, Van der Kwaak, Anke, ‘t Hooft, Karen, Ormel, Hermen (2014) Youth friendly health services in multiple perspectives. Amsterdam: KIT Health

Publication file: application-pdf Youth-Friendly-Health-Services-in-Multiple-Perspectives.pdf

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