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Application deadline: 31 March 2016.

The Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwives (KNOV) offers certified midwives from abroad an introduction to the Dutch Midwifery system. The program has the capacity to place approximately six midwives per year for a one or two week period. The program plus the criteria for application are described below.


 Introductory presentation at KNOV (1 day): Including midwifery education, research, quality registration, legal, ethical and political issues of the Dutch midwifery system.

 Hands on primary midwifery care (3 or 7 days*): Midwifery experience in primary care, including pre and post natal care, home and hospital/birthing center births.

 All facets of secondary obstetric care (1 or 2 days*): Including insight in the referral system, monitoring of high risk pregnancies, ultrasonic scanning etc.

*Depending on the 1 or 2 week program.

Location & time:

The allocated midwifery practice or ‘host’ can be at any location in the Netherlands. Each host can place one midwife. Public transport is available everywhere, at times a taxi may be necessary. The placement is at a set time of the year for a period of two weeks including a weekend ‘off’ to be used for sightseeing or any other activities of your choice. Where possible we will take into account a period that suits you. Your host midwifery practice will be introduced to you so that direct contact for all questions is possible. All the logistics etc. can then be arranged directly with your host midwifery practice.


Your time spent in the midwifery practice is purely observational. Travel insurance is obligatory. Each participant is responsible for themselves in every situation. The KNOV or the host midwifery practice cannot be liable for damage of any kind.


Hosting costs for midwifery practice: € 500, – per midwife for 2 weeks or €350 for 1 week. (to be paid as confirmation directly to host midwifery practice 1 month before the starting date) Estimated costs B&B: €50 p/day. Meals: €30 p/day. Travel: €10 p/day. Prices can vary depending on the location of the practice. All to be arranged with support frrm host midwifery practice.


The KNOV will provide all midwives a certificate on completion of the two week program.

Example of the two program:

(in the one week program the accent is on community care)

The program below is just an example. The ingredients of the program are generally the same, but the order can be changed according to your needs and the specific situation of the midwifery practice. You can discuss this with the host midwifery practice once you have been introduced.

Sunday Arrival in the Netherlands. Travel to host midwifery practice. Introduction to midwives at host practice

Monday Day 1:Travel to Utrecht, KNOV Introduction/presentation of all aspects of Dutch midwifery system at KNOV Guided tour KNOV and Domus Medica. 4 hours

Tuesday Day 2: Midwifery practice. Introduction to other care givers in maternity system such as maternity nurses, lactation experts, ultrasonic scan midwives, practice assistants etc. 8 hours

Wednesday Day 3:Midwifery practice 8 hours

Thursday Day 4: Midwifery practice 8 hours

Friday Day 5: Midwifery practice. 8 hours

Weekend off for independent sightseeing etc.

Monday Day 6: Midwifery practice. 8 hours

Tuesday Day 7: Screening centre/ hospital obstetric care 8 hours

Wednesday Day 8: Observation in birthing center/hospital secondary/tertiary care 6 hours

Thursday Day 9: Midwifery practise. 8 hours

Friday Day 10: Midwifery practice final day. Handing over of Dutch Midwifery Tour Certificate. 4 hours

Saturday End of program

Application deadline 31st March ’16

Application form:


For more information please mail international@knov.nl

Date: Monday, May 30, 2016 to Friday, June 10, 2016
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