Expert Meeting Report: Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Posted by Share-Net NL on January 8, 2015 at 4:02 am


Young people have the right to access evidence based, comprehensive SRHR information, education and services. Comprehensive Sexuality Education programs in schools and communities have been found to improve young people’s sexual health and wellbeing: reducing negative health consequences, such as unintended pregnancy and STIs. Yet, there are still many challenges to effectively implement CSE programs; and there are concerns that young people are insufficiently being supported and empowered by current programs in today’s rapidly changing context. This expert meeting aimed to discuss these challenges as well as keys to success and implications for implementing CSE programs. Questions were raised and assumptions in current CSE models and programs were challenged. Furthermore, this meeting provided an overview on evidence and research gaps, shared experiences with designing and implementing CSE,  and highlighted CSE from young people’s perspectives. Experts from Bangladesh, Kenya, Rwanda, France, Ethiopia, Uganda and  an audience of individual experts, people from Dutch non-profit organizations, universities, research institutes and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gathered in the Attic at ISS in The Hague.

Rutgers WPF also interviewed our experts from Africa and Asia about their experiences with comprehensive sexuality education and how it influenced them to make informed decisions about relationships, sex, family planning, and their future:


Read the report and presentations for more information (see below).

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