Is AGEP Building Assets for Vulnerable Girls in Zambia? Preliminary Research Findings

Posted by Share-Net NL on December 7, 2015 at 6:13 am

The Adolescent Girls Empowerment Program (AGEP) is a randomized controlled trial to evaluate a multisectoral program intended to increase girls’ social, health and economic resources. AGEP involves over 10,000 vulnerable girls ages 10–19 in Zambia. The girls participate in weekly girls’ group meetings (safe spaces), receive vouchers that they can exchange for a variety of health services, and open savings accounts. AGEP operates in ten sites—five urban and five rural—across four provinces in Zambia. (For more details about the program and research design go to:

The evaluation of AGEP is based on the randomization of girls to participate in one of four arms of the program:

1) safe spaces only

2) safe spaces + health voucher

3) safe spaces + health voucher + savings account; and

4) no program (control).

The sample of girls being tracked in the evaluation includes over 5,000 unmarried girls 10–19 years of aged at the first or baseline survey. The girls will be observed over four years, including the two years of the program and two years after the program has ended. This AGEP brief highlights trends in the data after the girls had participated in one of the two years of the program.

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