Share-Net Netherland’s International Youth Day Call to Action!

Posted by Victory on August 12, 2022 at 9:02 am

Happy International Youth Day from all of us at Share-Net Netherlands!

Today, we are calling to action all young people across the globe to take up space, be loud, and to share their stories about the issues that impact them in their lives. All too often, knowledge and experiences of young people are collected and re-told by (older) others. However, we firmly believe that young people should be empowered to tell their own stories and decide how they want it to be told and in what way.

This week, we organised three creative storytelling for change workshops, for young people and by young people, on how to create a podcast, a zine, and a basic animation video. We had 150-200 registrants for each workshop with participants from all over Europe, Bangladesh, Nigeria, The Philippines, Burkina Faso, China plus many more countries! We ask that the skills gained in these workshops are used to create youth-owned and youth-focused knowledge!

We also call on organisations and donors to provide more grant opportunities to young people so that they can be supported in generating and sharing knowledge about the issues that impact their lives.

At Share-Net, we have many opportunities for young people to receive support for their creative projects! Keep an eye out on our social media and on our Digital Platform for more information on our Activation Grants launching at the start of October!  We also encourage you to join one of our Communities of Practice to engage and network with other researchers, professionals, policymakers, and young people in SRHR topics that interest you! If you would like more information on how to join Share-Net or our communities of practice, email us at

It is time for young people to control their own narratives and decide how they want to make people listen!



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