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This scope of work defines the key parameters, responsibilities and deliverables expected for this
consultancy/contract that will support the strategic scale up and documentation for activities within the
Passages project umbrella for Georgetown University’s Institute for Reproductive Health.

Apply by June 19th 2020, please submit a CV and with daily rate to

Timeline: The activities in this SOW will take place over 15-20 days between June 2020 & end of
September 2020. Days and exact timeframe to be determined with selected consultant.

Location: Global/flexible

About the Institute for Reproductive Health, Georgetown University

The Georgetown University Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) is dedicated to improving the
reproductive health of women, men and youth through a research-to-practice agenda. Our emphasis is
on increasing access to and use of family planning, increasing fertility awareness through life-stage
appropriate interventions, expanding access to fertility awareness-based family planning methods in an
informed choice context, and developing scalable interventions to transform gender norms and catalyze
the diffusion of social norms that support family planning. Cross-cutting themes in the Institute’s work
include the diffusion of social norms that support reproductive health, scale up of innovations, and
incorporating gender perspectives in reproductive health. In partnership with a wide range of
international and local organizations, IRH conducts research, builds capacity, and provides technical
assistance to public and private-sector organizations in lower and middle-income countries and the U.S.
The Institute is supported by grants from U.S. foundations and government agencies, including the U.S.
Agency for International Development (USAID).

About the Passages Project

The Passages Project aims to address a broad range of social norms, at scale, to achieve sustained
improvements in family planning and reproductive health, with a focus on very young adolescents, newly married youth, and first-time parents. This research project is building the evidence base and contributing to the capacity of the global community to strengthen normative environments that support reproductive health, especially among the aforementioned groups. Passages capitalizes on formative life course transitions to test and scale up interventions that promote collective change and foster an enabling environment for healthy timing and family planning and healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies.

About the Activity: Support to scaling up the Masculinite, Famille et Foi Program

As part of the Passages Project, IRH has been collaborating with Tearfund to implement and evaluate the Masculinite, Famille et Foi (MFF) intervention in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). MFF is a family-planning focused adaptation of the Tearfund-developed ‘Transforming Masculinities’ (TM) intervention. The TM intervention is a gender norms shifting approach to transforming harmful  concepts of gender and masculinities to promoting gender equality and reduce rates of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). As a promising approach, since 2016, TM has been adapted, scaled and implemented in multiple settings worldwide as part of Tearfund’s strategy to expand the program in efforts to reduce SGBV. Passages is now supporting scaling up the MFF adaptation of TM (MFF) in Rwanda and DRC, led by local partners. While approaches differ, work has begun with two partners in Rwanda, and one in the DRC to integrate the MFF approach into existing programs and efforts at the community-level. IRH and Tearfund will be providing support to these scale up efforts through 2021.

Purpose of Consultancy/Contract:

To support IRH and Tearfund in these efforts, IRH seeks an experienced individual to support key technical aspects of this scale up phase of work, including but not limited to, contribution to and documentation of scale up strategies, scale up learning agenda(s), scale up monitoring plan and learning tools and other documentation efforts of this phase of work.

This work is ongoing, and as such, the specificity of deliverables will be determined once the consultant is recruited and initial planning is done in executing a contract.

Responsibilities & Terms of Reference

• Establish strong working relationship with IRH, Tearfund and where relevant on-the-ground
• Review relevant documents to achieve working knowledge of the Passages Project, this initiative,
scale up frameworks/theory and social norms concepts necessary for this assignment
• Participate in meetings with IRH (and, as relevant, Partner and USAID staff) to plan concept
execution; and subsequent ongoing meetings
• (Co-)facilitate discussions within project team to develop consensus on the agreed-upon
deliverables and products, and approaches to apply work
• Collaborate closely with IRH and Tearfund to lead the drafting, revisions and finalizations of:
o Scale up strategies for work in Rwanda and DRC
o Scale up implementation monitoring, and corresponding tools for Rwanda and DRC
o A cross-country scale-up learning agenda, with guidance on implementing the learning

Expected Deliverables

• Consultant work plan for this initiative
• Outline for documents representing key scale up deliverables
• Final documents representing the key scale up deliverables, including scale up plans, learning
agenda, and monitoring plans.

Planning, Logistics & Support

IRH will provide the following support and information to the selected consultant:
• Internal background materials to facilitate the SOW
• Meeting set up and logistics
• Regular check-ins to answer questions and agree next steps to facilitate progress toward
• Access to shared platforms for communication and outreach efforts
• Review of deliverables outlines, deliverables, and where relevant finalization of deliverables for
submission to donors or for graphic design

Key Contacts

• Courtney McLarnon-Silk, Program Officer |
• Anjalee Kohli, Senior Research Officer |

Submission of CV

By June 19th 2020, please submit your CV along with a daily rate quote for the days associated with this
work. Please direct the submission to

The selection criteria will include:

• Demonstrated previous experience in scaling up development programs (global health programs,
community-based norms-shifting programs, a plus)
• Demonstrated understanding of and experience in gender, normative change, scale up and a
diverse background in development sectors (beyond reproductive health)
• French language skills are highly desired
• Experience with USAID structure, programs and policies
• Competitiveness of cost and budget

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