Learning Spark Fund: Small Grant Opportunity

Posted by Hannah Kabelka on June 23, 2020 at 7:51 am

Learning Spark Fund

We would like to inform you about the launch of an exciting new learning exchange platform and invite you to apply for grants, share and co-create knowledge.

The Learning Spark Fund is a grant mechanism designed to stimulate learning as broadly and creatively as possible on the theme of female adolescent sexuality and child marriage. Three grant windows will support virtual or face to face learning exchanges within a country as well as across countries:

  • Spark – up to 3,000 Euro
  • Community Skyrocket – up to 6,000 Euro – open now for applications!
  • Firecracker – up to 10,000 Euro

The fund is part of the Making the Most of What We Know (MMWWK) project, an initiative of the More Than Brides Alliance. The grants are open to nine countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mali, Niger, Malawi, Uganda and Ethiopia.


Community Skyrocket – Small Grant Opportunity open 23 June 2020!

We are happy to announce the launch of our first grant window – the Community Skyrocket. This window supports “bottom up” learning exchanges among development professionals and community members.

Rather than assuming that child marriage programs have a monopoly on knowledge and experience on how change happens, we believe that adolescent girls and other community actors, such as community-based organizations, religious and traditional leaders and families have valuable knowledges about addressing female adolescent sexuality and dismantling child marriage.

The objective of Community Skyrocket is for practitioners to exchange with communities. They listen to their knowledge, strategy and experiences and reflect with them on what this can mean for improving the design, implementation and advocacy of development interventions. The fund offers organizations and communities the chance to come together around the issues and questions that excite them in exploring the links between adolescent sexuality and child marriage.


We welcome you to become involved in the Learning Spark Fund

For all three grant windows, initial discussions, development and submission of proposals will happen through the online Slack-platform. Through this platform you network, engage in discussions and decide what issues to explore, how and with whom. Details will be posted continuously on each of the three grant windows as they open up, including dates of an orientation and Q&A session, application formats, etc.

You can see the official invitation in English here and for French click here.

Go to Slack to enroll now for the Community Skyrocket Grant!

Or go for more information on the Learning Spark Fund and the upcoming grants to: https://morethanbrides.org/spark/

For questions, please send an email to: learningsparkfund@simavi.nl.

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