Measuring Success Toolkit: Using Data for Health Program Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Posted by Share-Net NL on August 26, 2014 at 3:40 am

This toolkit provides guidance on how to use data to plan a health program and to measure its success through monitoring and evaluation (M&E). It also offers links to important M&E-related resources. Basic introductions are provided throughout the toolkit, as well as a glossary of planning, monitoring and evaluation terms, for those less familiar with the concepts and demands of using data for program planning and M&E.

Links to important resources that have been selected by M&E experts are also provided for those with more experience or those needing to delve into further details and specific examples. The selected resources are not a comprehensive collection of all existing resources in that area. Rather, they reflect the most up-to-date body of knowledge in particular areas that relate specifically to planning, monitoring and evaluating health programs. Read more about our criteria for selecting resources.

You can find the information you need in one of four ways:

  1. Pages. Browse for information and resources by clicking through the toolkit pages listed in the navigational menu on the right hand side of the toolkit. Each thematic page gives an overview of key points about the topic. Each page has a submenu that provides detailed information about a topic and selected resoruces so that you can put your ideas into action.
  2. Resources by Health Topics. If you are interested in resources and tools for a specific health programming area, such as maternal and child health, click on the health topic of interest in the “Resources by Health Topics” sidebar on the right. Read more about how we define these health topics.
  3. Search engine. Type search terms in the search box located in the top right header to find specific information or resources.
  4. Site map. You can use the Site Map (located in the top right corner, next to the About link) to understand the layout of the toolkit and link to a specific section.

Most of the content of the toolkit is in English. Use the Google Translate drop-down menu located in the right pane to get an automated translation of the web pages into more than 50 foreign languages.

If you are new to the toolkit and want to get a quick start, the spreadsheet below may be useful. For more detailed instructions on how to use the toolkit, view the Measuring Success Toolkit Video Tutorial.

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