MEDUSIMS medical simulator postpartum hemorrhage

Posted by Share-Net NL on October 6, 2014 at 4:19 am

This path-breaking highly realistic 3D simulator gives healthcare professionals the ability to train on how to deal with cases of PPH. Choosing between two clinical cases, users choose therapeutic actions in close-to-real conditions and in real time to treat appropriately a bleeding parturient. At the end their performance is evaluated against recommendations of best practice (in the present version, the French CNGOF’s).

This simulator is I believe a very effective educational tool to improve practices on what remains a key public health issue. Today it meets a great success among AR, gynecologists, and midwives since its launch in early 2014 in France. It was produced by Medusims, a start-up company, in close collaboration with physicians from the Paris-Descartes University (the two organisations collaborate within the frame of a unique Public-Private Partnership).

you will therefore be able after entering a mail and username ( new user section ) and receiving a personal password, to test the simulator for a limited 5 minutes playtime. ( check your mail 30 sec later submitting)

The simulator should and can easily be adapted to various contexts. It can be easily adapted to ensure that the simulator’s users will train in conditions as close as possible to the ones they face in their practice and local recommendations especially in a non medical environnement.

We are looking for NGO, public organisation, to manifest their interest, so we can start producing and distribute for free, and contribute to the improving of maternal health in the World.

In case of interest, Mr Klein at Medusims (  Tel: 00 33 6 33 18 61 60) will be happy to discuss with you, how this tool can be made available for free to your organization.

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