Men’s violence against women and men are inter-related: Recommendations for simultaneous intervention

Posted by Share-Net NL on November 12, 2015 at 11:05 am

  • Men perpetrate and are victims of interpersonal violence more than women.
  • Masculine norms are at the root of most interpersonal violence perpetration.
  • Youth violence and partner violence prevention is often conducted separately.
  • Interventions tackling masculine norms could influence multiple types of violence.


Men are more likely than women to perpetrate nearly all types of interpersonal violence (e.g. intimate partner violence, murder, assault, rape). While public health programs target prevention efforts for each type of violence, there are rarely efforts that approach the prevention of violence holistically and attempt to tackle its common root causes. Drawing upon theories that explain the drivers of violence, we examine how gender norms, including norms and social constructions of masculinity, are at the root of most physical violence perpetration by men against women and against other men. We then argue that simply isolating each type of violence and constructing separate interventions for each type is inefficient and less effective. We call for recognition of the commonalities found across the drivers of different types of violence and make intervention recommendations with the goal of seeking more long-standing solutions to violence prevention


  • Domestic violence;
  • Youth violence;
  • Male gender norms;
  • Interventions;
  • Masculinity
Author: Paul J. Fleming; Sofia Gruskin; Florencia Rojo; Shari L. Dworkin
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