Report 4th Annual Meeting “Linking Research, Policy and Practice – Students and NGOs”

Posted by Share-Net NL on January 29, 2016 at 4:55 am

Thursday October 8th, 2015, the Share-Net working group ‘Linking research, policy and practice’ organised the 4th annual meeting “Linking Research, Policy and Practice – Students and NGOs”. This year the meeting was organised at KIT in Amsterdam.

This meeting brought together students who had finalized or were about to start their Master’s research in the field of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) including HIV and AIDS, and researchers, practitioners and policy makers working in the field of SRHR and HIV and AIDS. In total, 79 participants registered for the meeting and 12 organisations participated in speed dating with students.

Ten students presented the findings of their Master’s thesis:

Session 1A.        Sexual & reproductive rights of Vulnerable and Key Populations
The status of corrective rape under international human rights law – Wieke Vink (UvA)
Lessons learned from working in international HIV and AIDS collaborations – Joey Tang (UvA)
‘Bare Life’: An Ethnographic Research about Liminality, Violence, and Vulnerability among sub-Saharan Migrants in Morocco – Ashley Witcher (UvA)
Session 1B.        The role of media in SRHR and HIV and AIDS
How to spur intimate conversations online? – The case of Love Matters Kenya – Maaike van Heijningen (UU)
Writing for justice: A Qualitative Analysis of Ugandan Media Coverage of Women’s Reproductive Health – Rosanne Anholt (VU)
Session 2A.        Access to reproductive health services
More than contraception – the lived experience of users of the Sympto-Thermal Method in Germany – Anais Wicke (UvA)
Menstrual Hygiene Management among rural household women in Flores, Indonesia – Annabel Buzink (VU)
Barriers to the access to good quality maternal care in Georgia – Elina Miteniece (UM)
Session 2B.        Young People’s experiences
Primary schoolboys about menstruation and menstrual hygiene management in Kitui County, Kenya – Marloes Bosselaar (VU)
Salir adelante: a look into how teenage pregnancy is experienced in the city of Monterrey, Mexico – Brenda Rodriguez Cortes (ISS)
Please find a report of the meeting and the Master’s thesis presentations enclosed.
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