Rights-Based Family Planning: 10 Resources to Guide Programming – Resource Guide

Posted by Share-Net NL on October 5, 2015 at 9:37 am

Available resources on rights-based programming for family planning vary in purpose, structure, scope and detail. They offer different frameworks and guidance; some are more comprehensive and programmatic than others. Faced with an abundance of resource documents, family planning stakeholders need help in deciding which to use for what purpose. This calls for a summary of key resources to foster understanding of how they compare to one another.

This paper addresses this need by annotating 10 documents using a consistent format that allows for easy comparison. It provides a description of each resource based on text drawn from the documents itself. The resources include human rights elements; principles and related recommended actions; comprehensive programming frameworks; how-to operational guidance; and tools that support rights-based FP programs.

The intention of this review is to provide an overview of key, recent publications to enable potential users to make an informed determination of what to apply to best meet their needs.

Author: Jan Kumar, Karen Hardee
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