Training Video and Resource Guide: ‘How to Network with Donor Agencies’

Posted by Share-Net NL on October 22, 2015 at 9:12 am

One of the most important strategies for successful fundraising is to develop strong and long-lasting relationships with institutional donors. But where do we start, and how do we build relationships successfully? Whether your NGO is working with governmental, foundation, or other types of donors – this training video will provide you with the skills needed to do so successfully.

In this 90-minute duration video you will learn:

√ Why do we need to network with institutional donors?
√ How do I identify and reach donors?
√ What are some good techniques to build a relationship?
√ What if a donor doesn’t want to network?
√ How can we keep the relationship going?

You can also download the resource guide and the slideshow.

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