Webinar series: Masculinities and the world’s political, economic and social crises

Posted by Nicole Moran on January 20, 2021 at 10:22 am

The MenEngage Alliance invite you to join a series of webinars, ‘Masculinities and the world’s political, economic and social crises’. 

Over six parts, the series will take a fresh look at how masculinities form a common thread running through a multitude of global problems. The series marks the launch of a MenEngage Alliance Discussion Paper, ‘Contexts and Challenges for Gender Transformative Work with Men and Boys’.

The paper brings renewed focus to the ways the world continues to be shaped in profound ways by ideas and attitudes around being a man. By doing so, it provides a fresh perspective on the political, economic and socio-cultural forces confronting the world today.

They invite you to join this series of discussions to help inform work with men and boys, and transforming patriarchal masculinities for gender justice and social justice.

Part of the MenEngage Ubuntu Symposium, the series examines six areas that are critical to making sense of masculinities in the world today:

19 JanuaryMasculinities and gender justice: The need for systems change

2 February – Political Contexts: Authoritarianism, Ethnonationalism and Militarism

16 February – Economic Contexts: Neoliberalism, Climate Crisis and Care Economies

2 March – Social Contexts: Anti-Feminism, Normalized Violence and Politicized Religion

9 March – Digital Contexts: Media, Attention Economies and the Manosphere

6 April – Operational Contexts: Rationale, Accountability and Social Change

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