Share-Net Netherlands is the Dutch knowledge platform for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and one of the country hubs of Share-Net International. Share-Net Netherlands is hosted by the KIT Royal Tropical Institute and has 31 individual members and 32 organisational members from sectors including NGOs, universities, knowledge institutes, governmental and private sector which work in low- and middle- income countries and in the Netherlands with a focus on SRHR. We operate a paid membership – based on the annual turnover of the organisations – and partnership model, but also rely on external investors for financial stability.

Mission Vision

Our Vision

All people have the freedom of choice, are able to make informed decisions, can take action on their sexual and reproductive health and have access to quality care to meet their sexual and reproductive health needs and rights.

Our mission

To strengthen linkages between research, policy and practice through sharing, generating, translating and promoting the use of knowledge for the development of better policies and practices in SRHR.

Our focus

The Network’s focus is on strengthening the role knowledge can play in developing evidence-based policies and practices and ensuring that resources are used strategically and to maximum effect, among others in relation to the four core areas of Dutch policy on SRHR:
  • Better information and greater freedom of choice for young people about their sexuality
  • Improved access to reproductive health commodities
  • Better sexual and reproductive health care (during pregnancy and childbirth, including safe abortion)
  • Greater respect for the sexual and reproductive rights of groups who are currently denied these rights.

Who we are


Share-Net Netherlands has 24 members from NGOs and the Private Sector, 8 Universities & Research Institutes, 31 individual members (including students) and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The members form the core of the network and initiate and organize knowledge activities, together with the Share-Net secretariat.


The Secretariat coordinates and facilitates the implementation of activities. It is held accountable for the delivery of outputs and meeting requirements for complete and timely reporting.

The Share-Net secretariat is hosted by KIT  Royal Tropical Institute and consists of:

  • Meike Stieglis (Share-Net Netherlands Coordinator)
  • Nicole Moran (Share-Net Project Officer)
  • Hannah Kabelka (Share-Net CoP Facilitator)

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) of Share-Net Netherlands is an advisory body for the Dutch Knowledge Hub within Share-Net International and consists of 7-9 members, representing and mobilizing the Network members in the Netherlands to discuss critical issues in the SRHR and development field. There is a balance between members with expertise in the SRHR and HIV fields. The SC members represent the diversity of the network and breadth of its members interest. The SC members can propose themselves or others as candidates for election at the Annual Business Meeting for a period of two years and meet quarterly and whenever issues necessitate an extra meeting.

Communities of Practice

The platform is made up of several Communities of Practice (CoPs) focusing on specific themes within SRHR. We organise other knowledge sharing activities, such as lectures, debriefings and consultations. The following Communities of Practice based are currently active and can be joined by members:

  1. Contraception & Abortion
  2. Engaging Men & Boys
  3. Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)
  4. HIV & SRHR
  5. Global Financing Facility (GFF)
  6. Infertility
  7. LGBTI Health
  8. Multilateral Processes 
  9. Sexual Pleasure
  10. SRHR Messaging
  11. Linking Research, Policy & Practice
  12. Child Marriage (GNB learning working group)
  13. SRHR, Climate Emergency and Resilience 
  14. Menstrual health 
  15. Sex work 
  16. Gender-based violence 
  17. Youth & SRHR

What we do


Bi-weekly newsletters are distributed to all members and registered users updating on progress and highlighting latest news, publications and events. On the national level Share-Net Netherlands gathers and represents its member’s views, advising on policy and practice at key international meetings and conferences.


The central website (www.share-netinternational.org) is the focus for the online community. Registered users of Share-Net Netherlands are able to link directly to each other through the online platform of Share-Net International in terms of country, areas of interest and expertise. The online community engages with the themes, posting and discussing relevant research, sharing experiences and advising on messages and improvements for policy and practice.

Meetings, discussions, (de)-briefings

Share-Net Netherlands organises a diverse range of meetings. For example, large thematic meetings based on themes selected by our members which attract around 60-80 people. But also smaller ones to discuss a certain topic, have interesting presentations or give (de)-briefings of global happenings. Meetings are also organized when a new research or report comes out.

Furthermore, we coordinate with other activities planned or initiated by members in the Netherlands. Also, we will monitor and attend relevant international conferences and discussion forums and report back to the members by debriefing meetings and/or reports which will be published on the website.

Annual report