Join The Technical Working Groups Of The Global Partnership For Acton To Eliminate All Forms Of Hiv-Related Stigma And Discrimination

Posted by Maria on May 13, 2019 at 8:59 am

The Global Partnership for Action to Eliminate all forms of HIV-related Stigma and Discrimination (Global Partnership) was launched in December 2018 and is now entering in its implementation phase.

The co conveners of the Global Partnership comprised by UN Women, UNDP, GNP+ and UNAIDS with the support of the NGO delegation to the UNAIDS PCB, is inviting individuals, groups and/or organisations with proven expertise addressing HIV-related stigma and discrimination in healthcare, education, workplace, justice, household, emergencies and humanitarian settings, to become members of the technical working groups of the Global Partnership.

It’s a call to partners committed to addressing HIV and human rights to support countries translating commitments into measurable policy change and programmatic interventions that will result in the enjoyment of HIV-related rights by all and the implementation of commitments established in the 2016 Political Declaration.

Selection Process

The open call for expression of interest will be managed by the co-convener’s group comprised by UNAIDS, UN Women, UNDP and GNP+.

The final selection of the membership will be carried out by co-leads of each working group based on the standard terms of reference and criteria listed above.

Interested organizations, groups or individuals are requested to submit an expression of interest and include the following documents:

    1. A brief organizational profile;
    2. A brief summary of evidence of technical capacity and expertise in the chosen technical area (healthcare, education, workplace, justice, household and humanitarian and emergencies);
    3. Contact information of a designated focal point person with proven experience working in English; and a
    4. Letter of support from another organization that has worked closely with the applicant;

Deadline for applications

All applications should be submitted to with the subject line – Global Partnership Civil Society- TWG Membership before 22 May 2019.


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and results will be announced by 30 May 2019 in GNP+ webpage.

More information

This process is being led by GNP+ and the NGO delegation to the PCB who are conducting an open call online. You can find the call for expression of interest (EOI) in the GNP+ official webpage:

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