Share-Net is a unique platform that promotes and facilitates synergies between individuals and organisations working in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). Our members combine knowledge, experience and commitment. They include: NGOs, universities, individual experts, students and private sector organisations based in the Netherlands.

Share-Net membership enables you to broaden your networks and to connect with, learn from and share with other persons and organisations who care about global and national issues relating to SRHR.

Benefits of being member of Share-Net Netherlands

When joining Share-Net Netherlands, you will not only be contributing to our mission and vision,  but you will also be able to enjoy specific member benefits:

  • Have access to all the meetings that we organise.
  • Participate in our Communities of Practice, which is exclusive for members. These groups are crucial for agenda setting, can organise meetings and execute small research projects. For more information on the Share-Net Netherlands working groups and thematic groups please click here
  • Participate in the International Communities of Practice, which are open to all Share-Net International hubs and offers the opportunity to network with experts from different countries.
  • Be elected in one of our governing bodies, the Steering Committee of the Netherlands or the Board of Share-Net International. All members are invited to our annual business meeting.
  • Be eligible for our yearly call for proposals for the Share-Net International Small Grants facility. For more information on our previously awarded grants please click here

Contact the Share-Net secretariat to apply for membership!


Table of Contribution

Category Annual turnover of members (€) Per member, per year (€)
A Individual members 45
B Students Free
C Knowledge Institutes 1070
D University Departments 650
Organizational members
E <100.000 250
F 100.000 – 200.000 450
G 200.000 – 500.000 590
H 500.000 –  2 million 1.130
I 2 – 5 million 1.720
J 5 -10 million 2.310
K 10 – 30 million 4.030
L 30 – 60 million 4.435
M 60 million 4.840
Private Sector Members
N <500.000 750
O 500.000 – 2 million 1.550
P 2 -5 million 1.800
Q 5 – 10 million 3.000
R 10 – 30 million 5.000
S 30 – 60 million 5.000
T 60 million 7.500