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Posted by Bukola Daike on August 4, 2021 at 11:36 am

The Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy is proud to announce that the Call for Applications for its (online) Summer Institute on the topic of “Understanding and countering anti-gender movements” is open. The Summer Institute will take place from 13-17 September 2021 (2-6 PM CET) via zoom. Participation in the Summer Institute for those applicants selected to participate is free of charge. The Summer Institute is financially supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.


Anti-gender actors have been gaining ground on the national, regional, and international level in their efforts to roll back and restrict the rights of women and LGBTQI* individuals and communities. Yet, the threat posed by these actors continues to be underestimated by both civil society and governments committed to human rights for all. There is a lack of knowledge and awareness about what the anti-gender movement is, how it operates, and how to effectively develop strategies to defend and advance human rights for political minorities. In March 2021, CFFP published the first comprehensive analysis of the anti-gender movement from a policy perspective: Power over Rights: Understanding and countering the transnational anti-gender movement. Building on the insights gained through this research, CFFP is committed to continuously raise awareness of the threat posed by anti-gender actors, facilitate connections among progressive actors, proactively challenge the narratives and strategies of the anti-gender campaigns and ensure that the rights of women and LGBTQI* individuals and communities continue to be strengthened.

Summer Institute

The Summer Institute “Understanding and countering anti-gender movements” will provide a space for learning, exchange and relationship-building among civil society and government representatives committed to protect and advance the rights of women and LGBTQI* individuals and communities in the face of the anti-gender actors in Europe and beyond It aims at building a further developing the baseline knowledge on anti-gender actors through an interactive and iterative process of exchange and mutual learning, leading to a broader and more nuanced understanding of anti-gender movements and supporting the development of multi-dimensional whole-of-society strategies against anti-gender trends, actors, and structures – from governmental approaches to bottom-up citizens’ mobilization through exercises on power analysis and lessons learned.

After completing the 2021 Summer Institute participants will have:

●      a more nuanced understanding of the status quo of the anti-gender campaigns in Europe and beyond (who they are, how they evolved, what they mobilise against, how they operate, and how they are funded, as well as their relationship to (social) media);

●      better knowledge of the relationships and power dynamics between (different actors within) the anti-gender movement, civil society, and government;

●      familiarised themselves with the lessons learned and best practices from successful and unsuccessful efforts to defend and advance the rights of women and LGBTQI* people and communities, with a concrete view of how these can be applied in the participants’ everyday work;

●      a grasp of the need to collaborate in order to effectively counter the anti-gender movement, and increased capacities to collaborate both within and across sectors;

●      increased capacity to develop possible strategies to counter anti-gender campaigns;

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