Youth & SRHR

Our focus

The vital role of meaningful youth participation (MYP) in research, policy and practice is finally gaining global acknowledgement, yet too often youth experiences within the sexual and reproductive health (SRHR) sector are being left out or tokenised. Seeing youth as valued and active creators as opposed to passive receivers or solely inputs of data is an integral part of shifting our approaches on youth engagement.  When youth engage within the field of SRHR, they are often minoritized or can feel isolated or constrained in their respective field of SRHR research, policy and practice. As with all social movements, building a network of peers for reciprocal learning and community building for allies is needed to harness the expertise and enthusiasm of youth. This community of practice (CoP) is a space where youth are able to connect, explore and create both in regards to the field of youth SRHR but also as youth experts within the broader SRHR field. 

What we do

In line with its diverse member composition, this CoP focuses both on a Dutch and international context. Members have selected a few core objectives for this community such as:

  1. Utilising the CoP as a space for mutual learning, networking, and interdisciplinary professional development among members. 
  2. Working together to increase the visibility of specific youth & SRHR issues and advocacy efforts. 
  3. Organising knowledge activities for diverse audiences outside of the CoP regarding pertinent youth & SRHR topics.

Further sub-objectives include efforts to strengthen MYP in research, policy and practice as well as engaging in fundraising activities together when opportunities arise. This CoP has a strong commitment to deepening knowledge that is actionable and meaningful for youth.

CoP activities 2021

The activities of this community of practice are still being ideated and explored. Current activities include member co-learning sessions and establishing a Youth & SRHR social media sub-group. We aim to fit our efforts towards the changes we hope to see for SRHR and youth. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Accessibility regarding:
    • Access to contraception and abortion 
    • Access to youth-friendly information and services 
  • Empowerment concerning:
    • Youth taking initiative for their SRHR
    • Increased quality and relevance of SRHR education for all youth
    • Increased competency and comfort in talking openly about SRHR
  • Inclusivity regarding:
    • Intersectional and decolonial approaches to SRHR
    • Centering youth, their experiences and their expertise
    • Truly inclusive and relevant policies for youth SRHR
  • Meaningful youth participation, including:
    • Increased opportunities for youth from those currently in positions of power to influence SRHR decision-making
    • Genuine involvement of youth (through participatory and transdisciplinary approaches) in all steps and processes of SRHR research, policy and practice 

Who we are

In line with the motivation for this CoP to be ‘by youth, for youth’, it is composed of Share-Net Netherlands’ members ranging from eighteen years old to the very early thirties. We originate from across the globe, each bringing unique socio-cultural experiences along with their shared internationally-minded outlooks and cross-cultural learning. While currently being based in the Netherlands, we represent countries such as Argentina, Nicaragua, the U.S.A, the U.K & Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Turkey, Pakistan, China and more! Members are heavily experienced in SRHR research while also having strong expertise in SRHR practice and policy.

  • Lina Al-Hassany (CHOICE for Youth & Sexuality; YouAct) – CoP chair and Youth representative in Share-Net Netherlands’ Steering Committee
  • Ophelia Chatterjee (KIT)
  • Tess Vanacker (Amref Flying Doctors)
  • Craig Dube (NMNW)
  • Zina Jorna (Individual)
  • Janna Visser (Individual)
  • Chandreyi Guharay (Plan International)
  • Zhiren Ye (Oxfam)
  • Sandra Ramzi (Fairspace)
  • Marcello Siboni (VSO)
  • Daniela M. Torres A. (Individual)
  • Eva Dieteren (Individual)
  • Omolayo Anjorin
  • Victory Nwabu-Ekeoma (SNNL secretariat)

CoP members can access their online working space on Mighty networks via this link (Share-Net Netherlands members only).

To contact us directly please write to Bless-me Ajani at!

Resources on Youth & SRHR

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