Knowledge Translation: Where Are the Qualitative Health Researchers?

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Qualitative Health Research. November 2015 vol. 25 no. 11 1461-1462

doi: 10.1177/1049732315611266

Along with rapid advances in knowledge have come expectations for speedy translation of research into improvements to health care services, new diagnostic tools and interventions, and innovations in health promotion to improve patient and health system outcomes. Although we are often hopeful that the research we report in journals will leap off the pages into clinical and public health practices that will achieve these goals, current estimates suggest that the lag time for research evidence to be used in practice is 17 years (Morris, Wooding, & Grant, 2011). Understanding the complexities involved in closing this gap has led to a growing field of research focusing on understanding the process of knowledge translation as not simply about the provision of information, but as a complex social process that is often “messy” and influenced by local context, interactions, and relationships. It is only by understanding these complexities that we will be able to make improvements to knowledge translation to ensure that the benefits of health research improve the health and quality of life of patients and families in our communities, and the effectiveness of our health care systems.

This article introduces the Special Issue: Knowledge Translation:

Author: Joan L. Bottorff
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