Contraception and Abortion

The Community of Practice on Contraception and Abortion organised it’s first expert meeting in 2015 which aimed to review trends in abortion, barriers to access contraception, reflect on norms, values, perceptions on acceptability of contraceptives that can also be used as abortive method and to reflect on misconceptions among providers about use of abortion and contraception by women. The outcome of the Share-Net thematic meeting was a Policy Brief Addressing Women’s Need for Contraception and Abortion.

In 2017 the CoP meet again in light of the Global Gag Rule. The aim of the meeting was to discuss recent developments and gain insights in the present political and funding climate for contraception and abortion, in the wider context of growing opposition against SRHR and women’s rights. As well as to exchange lessons from operationalization into practice and generate guidance for overcoming barriers to access comprehensive contraception and safe abortion information and services in restrictive environments. You can read the report of the meeting via this link.

2018 was a busy year for the Communicty of Practice on Contraception and Abortion. To celebrate the first year of SheDecides, the CoP organised a social media campaign where Share-Net members shared their experiences on how SheDecides affected their work. You can check the SheDecides special edition of the Newsletter by using this link. In addition to that, the CoP organised the Launch of the Guttmacher – Lancet Commission report ‘Accelerate progress – sexual and reproductive health and rights for all’. During the meeting, Ann Starrs, Chair of the Commission, presented the key elements of the report, including the new definition of integrated SRHR and the package of services it entails.


Members of this Community of Practice are: PSI-Europe, Rutgers, RNW Media, KIT Royal Tropical Institute, Simavi, CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality and three independent members.

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