Global Financing Facility

Our focus

In 2018, the Dutch government announced an investment of  58.8 million EUR for a period of 5 years in the GFF, giving the NL a seat in the Trust Fund Committee (highest decision-making body of GFF) and the Investors Group (country level progress and collaboration). At the same time a lot of questions and critical remarks were flagged by the Dutch CSOs, for example on the limited role for CSOs in the governance structure and for implementation at country level. Therefore, Cordaid jointly with Share-Net International decided to facilitate a dialogue and information sharing session between Dutch CSOs, the GFF secretariat and country focal persons, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The first round table meeting took place on 8th  November 2018 which aimed to provide insight in the mechanism of the GFF and its implementation, show early results and provide an opportunity for an open and critical discussion and dialogue.

During the round table a clear need for more information and evidence sharing from the field emerged. Topics included GFF implementation, investments in SRHR, gaps, room for CSOs to collaborate with national governments, best practices and lessons learned, and alignment with GAVI and the Global Fund etc. Participants also felt the need to strengthen the capacity of local partners so they can fulfil their role as watchdogs in the GFF implementation and share experiences. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that they would appreciate inputs in preparation for the Trust Fund Committee meetings. These include evidence and experiences with GFF implementation at country level and inputs from Dutch CSOs about strategic issues. This request provides an opportunity for the Dutch CSOs to contribute to policy influence at the highest level of GFF.

Based on these needs the establishment of a Share-Net International CoP on GFF was suggested to facilitate learning and co-creation which is further described in this document.

What we do

The Share-Net GFF CoP aims to facilitate and strengthen the evidence base for joint advocacy and accountability on the Global Financing Facility. Its purpose is furthermore to ensure the civil society engagement in the GFF; in defining its strategic orientation and in the implementation. To achieve this the CoP will generate evidence and share insights and experiences on the policy, practice and performance of GFF at country level and its mechanisms.

Who we are

Members of this Community of Practice are representatives from: WEMOS, HIVOS, i+solutions, Rutgers, KIT Royal Tropical Institute, Wemos, Cordaid, Aidsfonds, Rutgers, Amref, PSI and the Dutch MoFA


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