Sex work

What we do

The community of practice (CoP) working on sex work aims to inform sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and health professionals about the complexities of sex work policy, and how to respond to strong opposition in (inter)national spaces. We will explore the intersections of this topic with other SRHR themes, such as sexual health, HIV/AIDS and LGBTI-issues.

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CoP outlook 2021

This new CoP aims to work in the first year of its existence on awareness raising activities by sharing and disseminating knowledge about the realities of sex workers and how sex work law and policy are shaping these realities through the Share-Net Netherlands platform. Furthermore, they aim to organise two online meetings in 2021: The first meeting focuses on clarifying the complexities of the Dutch sex work legislation with the working title: Everything is legal here, right? Realities of Dutch prostitution policy. In a second online meeting, the CoP wants to discuss with the wider SRHR community: How do you advocate for sex workers’ rights in your work internationally? The working title of that online meeting is: Sex workers’ rights 101 for SRHR professionals. 
Additionally, the sex work CoP will also support Share-Net Netherlands and Share-Net International in their value clarification on sex work.

Who we are

  • Quirine Lengkeek (SekswerkExpertise)
  • Anke Groot (aidsfonds)
  • Carolien Aantjes  (HEARD)
  • Nadia van der Linde (WO=MEN)
  • Miriam Elderhorst (Simavi)
  • Rochelle Caruso (Individual member)

CoP members can access their online working space on Mighty networks via this link (Share-Net Netherlands members only).

Looking for new members!

The CoP is open for more members to join and boost joint knowledge sharing! Both for those wanting to actively learn and take up this topic in their work more, and those with expertise on the subject. Do not hesitate to reach out directly to Hannah Kabelka at if you’re interested in getting involved!

Resources on Sex work

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