Our Members

Are you interested in becoming a Share-Net Netherlands member?

What you need to know:

-For organisations who have an annual turnover of 100,000 euros per year, we have ask for an annual membership fee of at least 250 euro. Organisational members receive an annual invoice asking them to pay 250 euro, with the option to contribute a higher amount if they have the financial capacity to do so 💰💰

-Individual members and organisations who have an annual turnover of less than 100,000 euro do not need to pay a membership fee.

-Share-Net Netherlands membership is for organisations and people who are based in the Netherlands. If you want to join the network but are not based in the Netherlands, you can find which country hub is closest to you or join Share-Net International as an international member.

-You can register to become a Share-Net Netherlands member by filling in this form and selecting the Netherlands as your country hub.