SNNL CoP on HIV & SRHR Integration presents: Share-Net members’ highlights from AIDS2020

Our Community of Practice working on the integration of SRHR & HIV is very happy to share an overview with highlights and lessons learned from the AIDS2020 Conference.

The highlights are based on the experiences of various colleagues whose work focuses on SRHR & HIV such as aidsfonds, dance4life and individual consultants.

One session that stood out for me was the first ever session at an AIDS/HIV conference by and on transgender men. This group of people is often overlooked because of the idea that they are not or less at risk. This leads to there being hardly any data on transgender men and HIV. The session called for the inclusion of transgender men in research and interventions. It also showed some of the ways in which they are at risk.
Roanna van den Oever, Children & Youth programmes, AidsfondsRoanna van den Oever, Children & Youth programmes, Aidsfonds
on Inclusion of transgender men

Attending the AIDS2020 conference allowed me to learn more on the different tools that can be used in qualitative research, for example on narrative storytelling. In the programme we’re working at we adapted some of these tools into the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning manual we developed for our partners. Sessions such as the ones on stigma and learning on the HIV power wheel have impacted the work I am currently doing. It made us aware of the power balances in the programme and will inform the activities that will be implemented in 2021.
Soraya Bouwmeester, HandsOff! programme, AidsfondsSoraya Bouwmeester, HandsOff! programme, Aidsfonds
on Tools for qualitative research, stigma and the HIV power wheel

Dapivirine Ring
Very good news that we can add a female controlled HIV prevention method to the tool box – especially as adolescent girls and young women have too little control over their sexual health and may need this extra bit of protection.

Long acting PrEP
The good news here is that PrEP is almost 100% effective, but only if taken consistently. Eight weekly injections will make it much easier for many men to protect themselves.

A desperate attempt of UNAIDS to remain relevant by linking HIV to COVID-19
UNAIDS is developing their next long term strategy to reach the 2030 SDG targets for HIV: ending AIDS. The world is not on track and needs UNAIDS to keep us focused on this ambitious goal. UNAIDS seemed to talk COVID-19 a lot at the conference, instead of providing a laser sharp focus on AIDS. This seems a risky strategy to maintain relevance and funding.
Paul Janssen, Public Health Physician

You find the complete overview including three short interviews with Dance4Life trainers and champtions by clicking here. Enjoy the read!

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