COVID-19 and Child, Early and Forced Marriage: An Agenda for Action


Child Marriage and…

Girls not Brides have released a brief titled “COVID-19 and Child, Early and Forced Marriage: An Agenda for Action”.


The COVID-19 pandemic is already having a devastating effect on families, communities and economies, and we are still to see the full impact on the poorest countries and those with fragile health, social welfare, communications and governance systems. The virus, and government measures to contain its spread, will be most devastating for those working in the informal sector who cannot isolate themselves, including slum-dwellers and those living in refugee and internally displaced persons (IDPs) camps.

Whilst it is too early to tell how COVID-19 is affecting the incidence of child marriage, experience from the Ebola crisis and other acute emergencies strongly suggests that girls and women will be disproportionately affected, particularly amongst the poorest and socially marginalised groups. Many girls, women, boys and men will be affected by the crisis. This brief focuses on how adolescent girls, particularly those at risk of marriage or already married girls will be affected in the short- and longer-term.

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