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The Feminist Action Lab: Growing our Intergenerational Power is an online course on feminist advocacy made for and by feminists. Through our video dialogue series and study-guides, we hope to build more bridges between generations and to share histories, provoke new questions, and build intergenerational power.

Restless Development, with the help of dozens of feminist activists, has created this course to support youth-led action on gender equality. The Lab complements the major Action Coalition themes from the Generation Equality Forum (GEF) and highlights global feminist movements and their impact.

The Feminist Action Lab: Growing our Intergenerational Power

Click the link below for 7 themes you can explore as individual study guides. Don’t forget to take the quiz at the end of every study guide to assess what you learned!

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About Restless Development

Our vision for 2030 is that young people everywhere are able to demand and deliver a just and sustainable world.

But, in many places, instead of being listened to and supported to lead change, young people are often ignored and overlooked. Our mission is to change that by supporting young people to be leaders. This includes working with young people to identify problems and work on solutions in their communities, and it also includes supporting young people to advocate for long-lasting change that gets to the root causes of issues, like youth unemployment and climate change.