Gender & COVID-19




Bringing together academics from around the world, we conduct real time gender analysis to identify and document the gendered dynamics of COVID-19 and gaps in preparedness and response. Get the low down.

We provide rapid policy guidance and support to those crafting interventions. Just ask.

If you are a researcher, policy maker or practitioner interested in these issues, please join our Gender Working Group – an energetic and growing community of experts who can celebrate and support your work. You are welcome.


The impact of infectious disease outbreaks on individuals and communities does not fall evenly. Some people are affected more than others depending on gender. This differs between contexts and over time.

The sex and gendered dynamics of COVID-19 are so far anecdotal. There is a need for more evidence to ensure an efficient and equitable response.

The Gender and COVID-19 Research Project conducts real time gender analysis to identify and document the gendered dynamics of the outbreak, preparedness and response measures. This real time analysis provides immediate policy guidance and recommendations for those delivering public health interventions.

We are:

  • Mapping and analyzing sex disaggregated data on COVID-19 infections and mortality
  • Documenting and assessing the gendered impacts of the outbreak through interviews with those infected and affected, as well as chatroom and social media analysis
  • Conducting gender-based analysis of policy responses in order to improve national and global responses through policy analysis and key informant interviews
  • Producing communication outputs, including a gender matrix and toolkit, to improve policy and public health responses to COVID-19

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