ILGA World Homophobia Report 2019


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ILGA World Homophobia Report 2019

Every year, ILGA World publishes its State-Sponsored Homophobia report, a world survey of sexual orientation laws. Since its first edition, back in 2006, ILGA World’s State-Sponsored Homophobia has been a fundamental resource for those interested in accessing the core information on legislation affecting people on the basis of their sexual orientation. Not only human rights defenders, but also civil society organisations, governmental and United Nations agencies, allies and media worldwide value the publication as one of the main sources of information on the issue. The publication is accompanied by a series of maps and charts illustrating where criminalisation, protection and recognition laws exist.

ILGA World is an organisation with ECOSOC-accredited consultative status at
the United Nations and our publications therefore have to follow UNrecommended language on the names of countries and territories

About this update

This update to the Global Legislation Overview tracks the laws in force in all 193 UN Member
States and other non-UN Member jurisdictions under four categories: criminalisation, restriction,
protection and recognition.  In the section  “The World at a Glance” we provide a reference chart that includes information on the laws in force in all 193 UN Member States and non-UN Member jurisdictions.

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