Role Model Men and Boys of Uganda


Engaging Men and…

The Role Model Men and Boys (RMMB) approach mobilizes men and boys to go through personal reflections to explore constructions of masculinity in their contexts and how it affects their well-being and relationships. They reflect upon unequal power relations, gender roles, and rigid social norms that impact on the behavior of women, girls, men and boys. Selected men and boys are taken through a series of training modules, mentorship, coaching and dialogue sessions. During training, the men and boys enter into personal reflections to question stereotypical forms of masculinity and are prompted to develop positive forms of masculinity through a personal ‘journey of transformation’.

The approach uses 3 main principles- Men as Clients, Men as Supportive Partners, and Men as Agents of Change. Once the trained Role Models have changed or start exhibiting positive personal behaviors, each is supported to reach out to other men and boys so as to inspire large scale behaviour change. Upon demonstrating behaviour change and adoption, participating men and boys often become Role Models themselves, creating a “snowball” effect that we hope will ultimately be a movement of male champions.

CARE international in Uganda has trained over 2,100 Role Model Men and Boys across the refugee settlements of West Nile region and Lamwo in Acholi sub region, Northern and Southwestern Uganda. To date, the Role Models have mentored and supported over 11,000 fellow men and boys.

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