Webinar report: Linking HIV and SRHR for female key populations




Expert Meeting – Linking HIV and SRHR for female key populations

On the 10th of December 2020, the Community of Practice on ‘integration of HIV and SRHR’ organised a webinar to promote further integration in order to increase outcomes and impact of HIV and SRHR programmes and policies. A priority topic for the CoP is addressing the broader SRHR (needs and services) for women vulnerable to HIV (key populations).

The HIV/STI/HCV and Reproductive Health and Research (RHR) Departments of WHO have recently undertaken a (Netherlands MOFA-funded) study into contraceptive use, values and preferences among female sex workers. WHO also recently developed guidelines on  contraceptive options women at risk for HIV, and for integrating HIV into contraceptive services.  This SNNL expert meeting aims to present WHO research and guidance, and discuss their implications for Share Net members, i.e. SRHR practitioners, programme managers, policy makers and researchers on HIV and SRHR.


The main objective of this expert meeting was to share new insights from the WHO SRHR research, and discuss the relevance for policy and practice. Specific objective of the expert meeting were to:

  • Present recent evidence & policy guidance on integrating HIV and family planning services
  • Present findings and recommendations of the WHO study for female key populations
  • Present field experiences on addressing reproductive health of female key populations
  • Discuss implications of WHO/UNAIDS guidance for the work of participants

Share-Net Netherlands webinar on Linking HIV & SRHR for key populations

Session 1: Setting the scene:  The importance of integrating HIV, STI and SRH services and policies
Annette Verster is Technical Officer on Key populations, HIV and viral hepatitis at WHO (access recording here)

Session 2: WHO guidance on contraceptive options for women at risk for HIV, and on integrating HIV in family planning services
Michelle Rodolph is Technical officer at WHO HIV, Hepatitis and STI department in Geneva (access recording here)

Session 3: Early findings of the WHO study on contraceptive values and preferences among sex workers  Virginia Macdonald is also Technical Officer at the Global HIV, hepatitis and STI programme of the WHO (access recording here)

Session 4: Experiences with integrating gender sensitive SRHR into service for women who use drugs
Muna Handulle, Mainline programme manager harm reduction programme in Kenya and South Africa & Gender portfolio (access recording here)

Session 5: Experiences with integrating SRH, HIV and others health services for sex workers
Anna Gots, Aidsfonds programme manager, supports sex work-led organisations in Indonesia, Myanmar, Mozambique and Ukraine (access recording here)

Session 6: Wrap up and next steps
Paul Janssen, HIV & SRHR Integration CoP member wrap up (access recording here) and Marja Esveld, Deputy Health of HIV and Health at Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs final observations (access recording here)

Finally, all participants provide their next step to further integration. Have a look at their responses and download the full webinar report here.

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