SRHR & COVID-19. Inspiration for messaging

Posted by Hannah Kabelka on May 12, 2021 at 10:06 am

How do we make sure that sexual well-being and SRHR continue, especially in a context of increased polarisation and growing conservatism? Just as we have had to adapt to new ways of living in the pandemic, we also have to adapt communication to the current context.

Our new resource is out!

This resource is an initiative from the Share-Net Netherlands’ Community of Practice (CoP) on SRHR Messaging. It aims to provide inspiration to Share-Net members and others working in the SRHR field on how to construct effective messaging on SRHR and COVID-19. This document is a follow-up on the webinar Effective messaging around SRHR and COVID-19 organised by the CoP on SRHR Messaging and further informed by several interviews with members of other Share-Net Netherlands’ CoPs.

The first part of this document consists of information about the framing of messages. We provide recommendations for framing in general and specifically for the COVID-19 context, including how to avoid stigma and deal with myths and conspiracy theories. To make it practical, it ends with a checklist that can help with the construction of effective messages on COVID-19 and SRHR. The second part describes SRHR challenges related to COVID-19. For each SRHR topic covered, we give some ideas regarding messaging.

Invitation to online launch meeting

We kindly invite you to join us for an online launch meeting where we will present and discuss the new resource ‘SRHR and COVID-19. Inspiration for messaging’. The SRHR messaging CoP will use this online meeting not only to present their recent knowledge product, but also to inform their future focus. In breakout rooms, participants will discuss their opportunities, challenges and knowledge questions with regard to effective SRHR messaging aiming to set an agenda for the CoP to work on in the coming period.

The objectives of this meeting are two-fold:

  • To launch and present the ‘SRHR & COVID-19 – Inspiration for messaging’ document.
  • To explore future directions and knowledge needs for the SRHR messaging CoP.

Call for new members

This is also a great momentum for SNNL members and those interested in becoming members of the network to sign up for joining the SRHR messaging CoP.

Are you working on SRHR?
Are you working in or interested to learn more about communications?
Are you a Share-Net Netherlands’ member or interested in becoming one?
Do you want to engage in discussing and influencing effective SRHR messaging?

Then you should join the meeting on June 3rd and share your ideas for future CoP engagement with us! The CoP will resume with new knowledge activities after Q2 in 2021. If you are interested in getting in touch and joining this CoP, feel free to indicate this in your registration to the meeting or write to us directly!



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