Engaging Men and Boys

Our focus

A common question in relation to SRHR is the role of men and boys (men and boys covers male self-identified bodies, with diverse gender identities, sexual orientations, gender expressions and sex characteristics). The SN-NL Community of Practice (CoP) “Engaging boys and men in SRHR” is committed to address this question aiming at the improvement and realisation of sexual and reproductive health and rights for all, women, men, including people with diverse gender identities, sexual orientations, gender expressions and sex characteristics. To achieve sexual and reproductive health and rights for all people we recognize that gender inequalities are key determinants of health. All people are ‘gendered’ and hence their health, rights, sexuality and wellbeing are affected in different ways by existing gender norms and values, power dynamics, including heteronormativity. In many circumstances girls and women are more vulnerable than boys and men to SRHR concerns, but it is important to recognize boys and men’s vulnerability to dominant patriarchal values and practices as well. Any effort to engaging boys and men should offer space to transform harmful masculinities into positive ones, as well as looking at boys and men’s role in ensuring girls and women’ access to resources/power to realise their SRH rights/human rights. 

What we do

We take into account intersectional aspects (i.e. age, ethnicity, socio-economic position) of gendered identities and how these different aspects affect people’s access to power, rights and resources. We advocates for an approach that goes beyond instrumentalism but addresses harmful and risky male behaviour and limited perspectives on masculinity to promote diverse and healthy images of manhood. 

The CoP aims to strengthening the knowledge and capacities of professionals on engaging boys and men in a gender transformative manner by addressing underlying root causes related to prevailing power inequalities and rigid gender norms and practices. 

The CoP is planning several activities towards this goal. One of the first activities will be to create a common understanding within Share-Net NL on engaging boys and men by applying a “Gender Transformative Approach within SRHR”.   


Who we are

  • Jan Reynders (MenEngage)
  • Paul Janssen (Individual)
  • Jet Bastiani (PLAN)
  • Stephanie van der Wijk (Rutgers)
  • Karen Hammink (HIVOS)
  • Roanna van den Oever (Aidsfonds)
  • Janine Bannwart (Simavi)
  • Kate van de Krol (Rutgers)

To contact us directly please write to Hannah Kabelka at h.kabelka@kit.nl.

Resources on Engaging Men and Boys

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