Linking research, policy and practice

The Share-Net Netherlands Community of Practice ‘Linking research, policy and practice’ is represented by members from the field of research, policy and practice.

Long-term goal:

The Community of Practice aims to be a think-tank to optimize knowledge flows at the nexus of research, policy and practice in the Dutch field of SRHR and HIV and AIDS in international development.

Objectives and activities:

  1. Creating linkages between research, policy and practice that are not naturally present, and focus on preconditions to strengthen these linkages, especially power dynamics between actors, through activities such as:
    • creating ‘safe spaces’ in which actors feel comfortable to share lessons learned;
    • increasing legitimacy, acknowledgement and value of various forms of knowledge and research;
    • increasing the participation of donors and policy makers in knowledge sharing activities;
    • increasing transparency in the prioritization and funding of SRHR topics;
  2. Stimulating research relevant for policy and practice and students to develop critical policy and practice perspectives, through activities such as:
    • facilitating interactions and research dialogues between (PhD) students, policymakers and practitioners, including guest lectures and student internships;
    • obtaining a transparent demand for knowledge questions from policy and practice to be answered by students — for example, through research factsheets, speed dating;
  3. Stimulating research-informed policy and practice through activities such as:
    • content knowledge sharing between (PhD) students, policymakers and practitioners — for example, presenting research findings at annual ‘Linking students and NGOs’ events;
    • process knowledge sharing — for example, developing protocols for student–NGO collaborations;
    • tacit knowledge sharing — for example, master classes on innovative research methods; and
    • explicit knowledge sharing — for example, stimulating translation and sharing of research findings for policy and practice; and
  4. Seeking ways to strengthen the linking of research, policy and practice in innovative ways, for instance by:
    • exploring the potential of various modes of linking research, policy and practice;
    • ensuring clear objectives are set for all ‘linking activities’, assessing and documenting the extent to which these objectives were indeed met, formulating and sharing ‘lessons learned’ and designing follow-up activities;
    • co-creating knowledge with a variety of stakeholders during meetings and activities of the working group; and
    • identifying gaps in knowledge and formulating research questions .

Every year, this very active group organises many activities, such as the annual meeting where students meet NGOs & policy makers, an SRHR session at the congress of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Tropengeneeskunde and a session and stand at the annual STI*HIV*Seks congress.

The Young investigators group is part of this group.

Members of the Community of Practice are: KIT Royal Tropical Institute, International Institute of Social Studies, RadboundUMC, University of Amsterdam and the University of Groningen