Linking research, policy and practice

The Share-Net Netherlands Community of Practice ‘Linking research, policy and practice’ is represented by members from the field of research, policy and practice.

Long-term goal:

The Community of Practice aims to be a think-tank to optimize knowledge flows at the nexus of research, policy and practice in the Dutch field of SRHR and HIV and AIDS in international development.

Objectives and activities:

  1. Creating linkages between research, policy and practice that are not naturally present, and focus on preconditions to strengthen these linkages, especially power dynamics between actors, through activities such as:
    • creating ‘safe spaces’ in which actors feel comfortable to share lessons learned;
    • increasing legitimacy, acknowledgement and value of various forms of knowledge and research;
    • increasing the participation of donors and policy makers in knowledge sharing activities;
    • increasing transparency in the prioritization and funding of SRHR topics;
  2. Stimulating research relevant for policy and practice and students to develop critical policy and practice perspectives, through activities such as:
    • facilitating interactions and research dialogues between (PhD) students, policymakers and practitioners, including guest lectures and student internships;
    • obtaining a transparent demand for knowledge questions from policy and practice to be answered by students — for example, through research factsheets, speed dating;
  3. Stimulating research-informed policy and practice through activities such as:
    • content knowledge sharing between (PhD) students, policymakers and practitioners — for example, presenting research findings at annual ‘Linking students and NGOs’ events;
    • process knowledge sharing — for example, developing protocols for student–NGO collaborations;
    • tacit knowledge sharing — for example, master classes on innovative research methods; and
    • explicit knowledge sharing — for example, stimulating translation and sharing of research findings for policy and practice; and
  4. Seeking ways to strengthen the linking of research, policy and practice in innovative ways, for instance by:
    • exploring the potential of various modes of linking research, policy and practice;
    • ensuring clear objectives are set for all ‘linking activities’, assessing and documenting the extent to which these objectives were indeed met, formulating and sharing ‘lessons learned’ and designing follow-up activities;
    • co-creating knowledge with a variety of stakeholders during meetings and activities of the working group; and
    • identifying gaps in knowledge and formulating research questions .

Every year, this very active group organises many activities, such as the annual meeting where young researchers meet NGOs & policy makers.

Knowledge activities 2020

The CoP working on Linking research, policy and practice (LRPP) selected 16 young researchers to participate and present their research experiences and findings in this year’s annual meeting. Prior to the event, on the 13th of October, they received an online capacity building workshop improving their skills on (1) CV writing with Sydney Howe (ex-recruiter and young researcher participating in LRPP 2020) (2) graphic design (with Ines Morais, RNW Media) and (3) how to translate research findings into recommendations for policy and practice (with Billie de Haas from the University of Groningen and Rineke van Dam, Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

On the 12th of November, Share-Net Netherlands hosted its 9th edition and first online Annual Meeting on “Linking Research, Policy and Practice”. Re-visit the event through this one-issue-only magazine, in which a platform is given to young researchers in the field of SRHR. What we hope to achieve with this magazine is to, first and foremost, highlight the research and voices of the young researchers who presented their exciting work, but also to transform theory into praxis into what we like to call critical creativity. Academic research and data will be entangled with poetry and illustrations, with photography and prose, with loud slogans and subtle colors liberating the noise and messiness of art whilst maintaining a critical approach to the ways in which we can imbue the world with meaning.

Knowledge activities 2021

For the first time, in 2021 we offered a virtual abstract writing workshop open to all interested young professionals and coordinated a subsequent peer-review session among interested applicants. You can read the main takeaways from the abstract writing workshop here.
The CoP members further support the Share-Net Netherlands’ secretariat in the selection of young researchers participating in and the organisation of the 10th annual meeting on Linking research, policy and practice. They also offer a session on effectively translating research results into recommendations for policy and practice during the capacity building workshop for selected young researchers. The 10th anniversary of this conference will take place online on the 18th of November 2021, including sub-sessions hosted by different Share-Net country hubs and international sessions. Stay tuned for the official invitation and programme!

Invitation and programme to LRPP 2021 here

Members of the Community of Practice are: KIT Royal Tropical Institute, Rutgers, Dance4Life, International Institute of Social Studies, University of Amsterdam and the University of Groningen

CoP members can access their online working space on Mighty networks via this link (Share-Net Netherlands members only).

Resources on Linking research, policy and practice

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