Sexual Pleasure

The inclusion of sexual pleasure and sexual wellbeing is relatively new in the SRHR world. Several initiatives have been developed recently to get a better understanding of the concept of sexual pleasure and sexual well-being and how to define it. However, less attention has been paid to how the concepts can be ‘translated ’into practice within SRH programming. The CoP realizes that the interpretation and implementation  of the  concept of sexual pleasure /sexual well-being doesn’t stand alone but needs to be adapted and contextualized in the various streams of SRH programming. The CoP is aware that, currently not all programmes in SRH see the relevance or the added value of integrating and addressing sexual pleasure in their activities as there remains a strong emphasis within some SRH programmes to continue to focus on risks and unwanted consequences of sexual activity especially in relation to young people. Therefore the CoP  wants to showcase how sexual pleasure and sexual well-being can be put into practice and add value to wider SRH programming by sharing knowledge and resources on sexual pleasure with the other CoPs, Share-net members  and the SRH community in general.

Finally the CoP realizes that current research on the impact of including sexual pleasure in SRH programming  is limited and inconclusive. Therefore, the CoP wants to develop research questions and promote and advocate for including the concept of sexual pleasure and sexual wellbeing as an important part of SRH research.


  1. Sharing latest developments of pleasure and sexual wellbeing in SRH to ensure all Share-Net members (and where relevant a wider audience) have access to state of the art resources and research.
  2. Investigating and developing ways how the concept of sexual pleasure and sexual wellbeing can be put into practice in SRH policies/programming (including CSE, service delivery etc.)
  3. Exploring gaps in research on (impact of) integrating sexual pleasure in policies, defining research questions and promoting/encouraging research in relevant institutions

Members of the Community of Practice are: RNW Media, Rutgers, Dance4Life, Simavi, Aidsfonds and two individual members.

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Resources on Sexual Pleasure

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