SRHR Messaging

Our focus

Opposition groups against SRHR, women’s rights and equality have become more vocal and better organized over the years. They are well-equipped to reach groups of people with value-driven messages, sometimes even spreading misinformation. One way to respond to this phenomenon is to rethink our own messaging and increasing the effectiveness of the narratives we use. We want t move forward as an SRHR community in terms of defining our values and frame a message that is positive and will be understood by the so called ‘moveable middle’.

What we do

In this Community of Practice we share lessons and experiences on reframing our messages, including aspects that need to be taken into account to develop effective messages like understanding the audience, developing and testing messages, interventions to spread messages and evaluating effectiveness of those messages. Our main objective is to Support Share-Net members to turn knowledge on effective messages into practice. Where possible we will connect with other Share-Net CoPs.

In December 2018, we hosted a thematic meeting around ‘Effective SRHR Messaging in Changing Times’ where we engaged in self-reflection and discussed how we can make our messages more effective. If you are interested to learn more about this event, you can find the full report here.

Who we are

Members of this Community of Practice are: AFEW International, Dance4Life, Rutgers, RNW Media, and an independent member.

To contact us directly please write to Hannah Kabelka at!

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