SRHR Messaging

Times are changing and opposition against SRHR seems to be growing. In order to effectively respond to this phenomenon we need to understand the causes of this opposition. In this context, Share-Net Netherlands set up a Community of Practice to organise the Thematic meeting ‘ SRHR messaging in Changing Times. The aim of this meeting is move forward as a SRHR community in terms of defining our values and frame a message that is positive and will be understood especially by people ‘outside our bubble’.


  1. Understand the value framework of the opposition.
  2. Clarify our values and discuss how to simplify explanations.
  3. Discuss who we need to connect to and how. How to build bridges with other stakeholders, opposition other societal segments but also from other (thematic) fields.
  4. Reframe our message: external communication strategies, advocacy messages. With expertise from outside the SRHR sector to analyze strategies and messages (for instance marketing professionals, journalists).

If you would like to read more about what they did, read the report by using this link.


Members of this Community of Practice are: AMREF, AFEW, Simavi, RUG, RNW Media, Rutgers and independent member

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