Sexual Pleasure Checklist


The Share-Net Netherlands Community of Practice, consisting of RNW Media, Rutgers, Simavi and two individual consultants, are proud to present their “Sexual Pleasure Checklist”.

The purpose of the checklist tool is to support the integration of sexual pleasure and well-being into SRH policies, programmes and activities. It aims to start conversations on the topic of sexual pleasure and showcase how sexual pleasure and sexual well-being can be integrated to improve the overall quality of SRH programmes and activities.

We highly recommend using this resource as a tool to understand further how sexual pleasure and well-being can be comprehensively addressed within programmes, practice and policies.

We will regularly update the Checklist to ensure it is it up to date with the latest research and best practices. We welcome any feedback that users may have and encourage you to share your experiences using the Sexual Pleasure Checklist with us!

Check out our Sexual Pleasure Checklist now!