Narrative power & collective action

SRHR Messaging


Conversations with people working to change narratives for social good

published as part of a collaboration between Oxfam and On Think Tanks

Deeply held ‘truths’ are coming undone at the seams. As movements across the globe are challenging ‘normal’, more and more people are looking for new narratives. Narratives are a form a power, made up of many, many, stories, not always written, made up of online content, offline conversations. They are not something that happens over there, they are part of us and we are part of them. We can reinforce or reshape narratives every day. See how these creative minds and active souls are finding new ways to imagine alternative futures and bring them to life by owning who they are, speaking up, through storytelling and collective action.

Learn and get inspired by the new wave of narrative creators, movers and shakers in Narrative Power Collective Action Vol II. As an anthology of perspectives this knowledge offering is one way to amplify different and diverse ways of knowing and doing narratives.

Have a look at this two-part collection of curated conversations on narrative power and collective action. We hope these conversations will spark reflection and discussion. While reading, ask yourself ‘what do these conversations bring to me, and what do I bring to these conversations?’

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