Shaking Up to Move Forward: Visions for stronger partnerships between youth movements and social organizations

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Youth-led progressive and feminist movements are some of the most powerful drivers of change in many countries, pushing path-breaking progress on political accountability, climate justice, gender equality and economic transformation. With youth movements set to be protagonists of systemic change in the next decade, understanding how to equitably partner with and enhance the power of youth leadership is a priority for international organizations.

This report emerged from a commitment by Oxfam International to partner with young people in the development and implementation of Oxfam’s Global Strategic Framework (2020-2030). It draws on reflections from face-to-face workshops and digital conversations with more than 350 young people in over 30 countries in six continents. It recommends that Oxfam and other international organizations engage meaningfully with youth movements. ‘Meaningful youth engagement’ is not just about interaction with a certain demographic – it requires a radical rethink of how international organizations operate. It means fundamentally challenging and changing conceptions of organizational culture, timelines, budgeting and ways of working in general, in the interest of inclusion.’


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