Webinar report: Let’s play! SRHR gamification webinar by RNW Media

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Comprehensive Sexuality Education

In this interactive learning webinar taking place on the 29th of April 2021, our member organisation RNW Media presented the results and lessons learned from a research pilot funded by Share-Net International.

We discussed the impo­rtance of designing and localising game elements, implementing coordinated content and engagement strategies, and designing a quality-focused measurement framework to capture pilot results.

Webinar report: Let’s play! SRHR gamification webinar by RNW Media

Let’s play! SRHR gamification webinar by RNW Media

00:02:25​ Introduce RNW Media and LMGN- By Elianne Anemaat and Charlotte Petty
00:11:50​ Gamification definition – By Elianne Anemaat and Camille Toutain
00:29:00​ About the process – By Elianne Anemaat, Ema-Olori Ayonmagbemi and Gabriella Fonseca Ribeiro
00:51:45​ Becoming a (s)expert and trying the quiz – By Charlotte Petty
01:01:20​ Results & Key Learnings – By Elianne Anemaat
01:15:15​ Q&A

Key results and learning

This infographic presents a summary about gamification as a method, the key results of this small grant knowledge product and what are the main lessons learnt.

Download the infographic here.

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  • Theme: Comprehensive Sexuality Education
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