WHO issues new guideline on Comprehensive Abortion Care


Contraception and Abortion

The guideline, which replaces previous WHO guidelines on abortion, can be downloaded in PDF format and is also available in an interactive, digital format.

Based on the latest scientific evidence, this consolidated guideline brings together over 50 recommendations spanning: 

  • clinical practice, 
  • health service delivery, and
  • legal and policy interventions 

to support quality abortion care, across the continuum of care, including: 

  • provision of information, 
  • abortion management (including for different clinical indications), and 
  • post-abortion care (including follow-up care, treatment of complications, and post-abortion contraception).

Following the launch of the guideline, WHO will support interested countries to implement this guideline and strengthen national policies and programmes related to contraception, family planning and abortion services, helping them provide the highest standard of care for women and girls.

To read more about this guideline and of the importance of improving equitable access to safe, timely, affordable and respectful comprehensive abortion care, read the WHO news story here.